Clearview 500 Hang On Filter 500L/H

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Aqua One Hang On filters are designed to be clipped onto the back of your aquarium. They are ideal for planted aquariums or any other, where a submersible filter would take up too much space. They provide high levels of filtration.

Suitable for: Cold Water, Tropical & Marine

  • Flow regulator which can be used to adjust the water flow through the filter
  • The combination of wool, carbon and bio grid provides a complete and very compact filtration solution
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Excellent oxygen levels achieved due to the design
  • Built in power heads offer high water turn over rates
  • High quality media content
  • 2 + 1 year Guarantee

Replacement Carbon Cartridges : Aqua One Carbon Cartridge 48C - ClearView 500 


Code Model For Aquariums up to Max. Flow Rate Wattage Carbon Cartridge Used
29023 ClearView 75 30L 190 L/H 2.5W 90C
11526 ClearView 100 40L 180 L/H 3W 54C
29059 ClearView 200 60L 200 L/H 3.5 W 46C
11527 ClearView 280 80L 200L/H 3.5 W 55C
29027 ClearView 300 80L 300L/H 5.2 W 47C
29028 ClearView 500 120 L 500 L/H 5.8 W 48C
29029 ClearView 800 200L 800 L/H 9 W 49C