Coral Sand 1mm 10kg

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This is the best coral sand you can buy in the world.

Unlike other so called �coral sands� on the market which are usually no more than crushed Limestone or other mineral calcium chips, Pisces substrate is pure Calcium Carbonate Coral NOT crushed rock.

It has a bright white colour that reflects the light under corals promoting their growth. An important component of any marine and African Rift Valley tank.

It�s natural smooth edges enable bottom dwelling fish to clean and feed without injury. It�s porous texture (unlike mined mineral calcium substrate which is smooth) has an enormous surface for growing bacteria�an ideal platform for animals helping the biological filtration of the aquarium.

No living or underwater reef has been touched in the mining of the coral sand.

Grain size: 0.2-0.5mm

Calcium Carbonate 99.8%
Sio2 0.07%
Mgo 0.05%
AL2o3 0.05%
S04 0.03%
FE2O3 40ppm

Perfect for Marine and African Cichlid Aquariums, Hermit Crabs and more.